sqein – Gamepad controlled sequencer written in Pure Data

sqein is an attempt at creating a barebones sequencer that is aimed at quick control via gamepad. Built mainly for live performance, it is stripped of any unnecessary features and relies on symbols rather than numbers.

“Its like an old japanese RPG where you just knew the menu system and could get to your phoenix downs in like no time… except with music.” – reddit user “skap”

sqein currently also features an editor for the Nord Drum 2 synthesizer, as seen in the picture above. Here’s some music I made with this combo.

Do you want to use it? Inquire!

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When making music boils down to solving problems

This post is written for documentative and self-therapeutic reasons.

In the summer of 2013 I got my hands on a Jomox Mbrane11 drum synthesizer, it’s intended use is mainly for snare drum sounds and other percussion timbres. Since I first saw the Mbrane way back when it was released I was intrigued with both it’s sonic capabilities as well as the extensive midi control of the unit. Every parameter is controllable via midi, which opens up to a lot of interesting ways to use the unit.

My first idea comes from my history of making music with retro gaming hardware. When you are limited to for example 4 channels of monophonic sound you have to get creative and for example use channel one for numerous different sounds, this is all achieved by different synth parameters for each step and so on.

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I snapped a bunch of huge screenshots:

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New screenshots. Notable additions: square particles and screen filter.



Screenshots from new project “o”